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Comprehensive financial mapping to guide you through life's transitions.

The LifePrint™ Advantage. Our holistic process explained.

Navigating-Life-TransitionsNavigating the maze of financial decisions is daunting; and for those in a life transition, the stakes couldn’t be any higher. To support your journey, we’ve developed The LifePrint Advantage™, a proprietary and educational approach to wealth management and financial life mapping based on an in-depth, multi-faceted understanding of you. Like a fingerprint, your LifePrint™ is unique, it’s personal and with our help, it’s the path you’ll take to strive for your goals.

Step One: LifePrinting

Listen. Connect. Learn.

We begin by establishing a relationship with you. At our first meeting, your Life Planner will guide you through a thorough interview so we can listen and learn about your long-term goals and clearly understand your LifePrint™.

Step Two: LifePrint™ Analysis

Define. Analyze. Interpret.

Using advanced technology, considerable experience and your LifePrint™ to guide us, we closely examine your current financial circumstances, discover any gaps and chart a tailored path towards your destination.

Step Three: Plan Presentation

Present. Discuss. Engage.

We help you understand your current financial situation and explain your Action Plan in an educational and rewarding presentation. We’ll answer questions so you can make successful decisions about your future and agree to move ahead.

Step Four: Plan Enactment

Execute. Oversee. Communicate.

We implement the Action Plan with efficiency and precision. Through this process, we’ll serve as your advocates as we oversee your wealth management plan execution and help you gain better control over your financial future.

Step Five: LifePrint™ Monitoring

Return. Review. Revisit.

Through regular meetings and connections during the year, we ensure we’re aware of changes in your life and that you are on your path. We implement solutions to simplify your life like consolidating your financial information online, and continue to provide a concierge level of service so our relationship will last a lifetime.