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Provide unbiased guidance by partnering with an independent financial advisor.

Outplacement / Executive Coaching

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For clients navigating the maze of a major career transition, specialized expertise is often needed. And for those transitioning in today’s economic climate, the stakes can be high.

That’s why clients need you.

Our goal at RPG is to bring uncommon value and professional resources to your outplacement and executive coaching practice. We do this by supporting your candidates with guidance, education and support pertaining to the life and financial implications of their circumstances.

That’s why you need us to support your valued clients.

As fully independent, fee-based planners, we provide unbiased guidance. You can also trust that, after working with thousands of individuals in transition, we are sensitive to the emotional needs of the candidates you are assisting in the outplacement process and will work to reinforce the benefits you provide.

We aim to ease the financial anxiety all of your clients share so you can be more effective and get them through their transition faster and with more confidence. We are passionate about education and consultative in our process, just like you.

Certified Financial Planners.

All of our Life Transition Specialists have gone though extensive training. The RPG team and its Strategic Partners includes a dedicated group of Certified Financial Planners, Accredited Investment Fiduciaries, Registered Financial Consultants, CPAs, MBAs and attorneys who have guided thousands of executives and individuals through transition.

Through a proprietary approach to financial education and life mapping we call the LifePrint Advantage™, we provide clients with a customized path to fit their unique life circumstances and to navigate the transitions.

Unlike the stereotypical financial planner who brings an agenda to the equation, RPG Life Transition Specialists work intimately with clients to ensure each engagement’s recommendations are uniquely suited to their needs.