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Loss of a Loved One

Loss-of-Loved-OneThe loss of a loved one can be a very emotional time and there are many decisions to be made. We work side by side with you to educate and help you make those decisions with confidence.

It’s important to understand your options and the various tax consequences of each to ensure you make an informed decision that bests suits your specific needs.

Navigating a maze of personal and financial decisions can be overwhelming, especially when you just lost a loved one. Without proper professional attention, a bad choice can threaten a secure future. And since you are facing a major life transition, the stakes couldn’t be any higher.

To support your journey, we’ve developed The LifePrint Advantage™, a proprietary and educational approach to wealth management and financial life mapping based on an in-depth, multifaceted understanding of you.

In the event your spouse passes and leaves you the beneficiary of a 401(k) or other retirement savings plan, you may be wondering what you can do with the funds. In most cases, a spousal beneficiary can take control of the account, but how you choose to do so is based on your age and the age of your spouse when he or she passed.

Like a fingerprint, your LifePrint™ is unique, it’s personal and with our help, it’s the path you’ll take to work towards your goals.

Call us today and we will help you with:

  • Re-titling Accounts
  • Updating Beneficiary Information
  • Transfer 401(k) & Other Retirement Plans
  • Submitting Insurance or Death Claims
  • Minimum income requirements
  • Estate & Tax Planning
  • Financial Education
  • Wealth Management

We are Life Transition Specialists™ who are passionate about educating individuals faced with a life transition so they can move forward and make decisions with confidence.