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Educating our clients so that they can make decisions with confidence!

Financial Education


We specialize in delivering Financial Education to:

  • Corporations
  • Outplacement Firms
  • Individuals

How Do We Deliver:

1. Corporations engage us as part of their Employee Retention & Benefit programs for their executives and key employees. Through our proprietary LifePrint Advantage™ process, we help turn employees into raving fans of the company by helping them set and achieve life and financial goals from within the current organization.  The end result can be an increase in company morale and employee retention.

2. Outplacement Firms engage us to work with their candidates as they are going through transition. Through our proprietary LifePrint Advantage™ process, we help candidates articulate what they value most in life, identify the financial requirements needed to get there and chart their course for their journey. The process identifies the minimum income requirement for the next job, the monthly amount of future saving and rates of return needed, advice on how to handle severance, old 401(k)s and retirement plans, replacement options for life insurance, COBRA/health insurance and a second opinion on current investments, estate planning documents, taxes and their current course.

3. Individuals are referred to us by clients, CPAs, Attorneys, Agents and may have seen us in the media. For a one-time fee, people access our knowledge and experience as we introduce them to our proprietary LifePrint Advantage™ process which educates them as to what they are currently doing, identifies what they need to be doing to accomplish their goals and provides a second opinion and recommendations on their current course. Clients are then free to take our recommendations and implement them with whomever they choose. Our experience covers Retirement Planning, Tax & Estate Planning, Insurance and Wealth Management.