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Estate & Tax Planning

Estate & Tax Planning

You have worked hard for many years building your estate. Upon your death or incapacity, what will happen to all of your hard-earned money? How will your family get along with each other when you are gone? Our Estate Planning Attorneys will listen to understand how you would like things to occur in the event of your incapacity or passing. We can then help you determine the best way to transfer your assets before and after death to ensure that the people you want to receive your money get as much as possible, in the most efficient manner you desire. Careful legal planning is the most vital step an individual or business can take to protect assets and pass them on as desired. An array of complex legal rules, potential liabilities (including taxes and long-term medical expenses), and even litigation can destroy your hard-earned accomplishments as well as have family fighting over your estate.

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Tax Planning

Holistic Tax Consulting to Protect & Build Wealth

For individuals who maintain a high net worth, serve as corporate executives, and/or own businesses, RPG serves as a trusted partner to coordinate your complex tax objectives. We’ll talk with you about your specific objectives and formulate a plan that’s customized to you, helping you plan your estate, save for your goals, and work towards your goals. Because we look at the whole picture of your personal finances—including businesses you own, investments, educational goals, family, estate & gift planning, properties, insurance, philanthropy, retirement—we’re able to tailor strategies that reflect your financial and life goals, as well as minimize the tax implications of those decisions. We work as a team with your tax professional to offer holistic advice on all your tax questions, including those related to income, estate, trust, cash flow, retirement, insurance, charitable planning, and family planning structures.