Offer your employees a professional financial planning resource.

Corporate HR


Navigating a maze of personal and financial decisions can be distracting and overwhelming for your employees. Providing employees with the support and professional attention they need to make wise choices enables them to remain focused and productive while on the job. And in today’s economic climate, the stakes can be high.

At RPG, our goal is to serve as a trusted resource to you by enhancing your relationship with your employees, improving their financial literacy, and helping them navigate toward confidence and independence. We guide your employees through a process to help them pursue their long term goals from within your organization, so they aren’t forced to look elsewhere.

At RPG, we understand that your reputation among employees is extremely valuable and we respect the impact of your decision to recommend a professional firm to your team.

To support your employees, we’ve developed a proprietary and educational approach to wealth management and financial life mapping called The LifePrint Advantage™. Based on an in-depth, multifaceted understanding of their unique needs, LifePrint™ provides personalized professional education and solutions to help individuals pursue their unique goals.