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Delivering extraordinary value and professional resources to your CPA practice.

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Financial-EducationFor clients navigating the maze of tax law, specialized expertise and strategy is often needed. And for those in a life transition, the stakes can be high.

Professional financial guidance you can trust.

Our role at RPG is to bring uncommon value and professional resources to your CPA practice. We do this by supporting your clients with guidance and education pertaining to the financial implications of their tax needs. If your practice advises clients through life and career transitions such as retirement, change of jobs, marriage/divorce or business sales, the financial implications are serious.

RPG delivers added support your valued clients.

Our Life Transition Specialists work in the same pressure-free, consultative manner as your current working relationship. By having a trusted, independent and professional resource to answer client questions about subjects such as division of assets, stretch-IRA planning, Roth IRA conversions, tax-efficient investing, retirement planning, retirement distributions, wealth preservation, estate taxes, insurance and much more, you can potentially enhance your relationships with your existing clients & attract new business through potential referrals.

At RPG, our goal is to serve as a trusted resource to you by enhancing your relationship with your clients, improving their financial literacy, and helping them navigate toward confidence and financial independence.

At RPG, we understand that your reputation is extremely valuable and we respect the impact of your decision to recommend another professional firm to your clients.

Through a proprietary approach to financial education and life mapping we call the LifePrint Advantage™, we provide clients with a customized path to fit their unique life circumstances and to navigate the transitions.

Unlike those financial planners who bring an agenda to the equation, as Life Transition Specialists we work intimately with clients to ensure each engagement’s recommendations are uniquely suited to their needs. Securities America does not render legal advice.