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The RPG Difference

Second Opinion Services

Are you on the right course to accomplish your goals & dreams? Your journey is unique! Receive recommendations tailored to you and your family to help ensure that your investments, tax, estate, insurance and tax planning are properly aligned as needed.

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Holistic Planning

What do the two little words “TRUE WEALTH” mean to you? Our holistic planning process helps you identify what is most important in life to you and helps you build the financial foundation to enjoy it.

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Financial Education

Interested in learning about investment strategies that are designed to allow you to get ahead while managing your investment risk? Understand fees, maximize your Social Security options, protect your family and more with an articulated plan.

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We Don't Push Products

We are fully independent and are able to shop the universe for solutions to fit your unique situation. We have access to some of the largest and well-known companies in the world to satisfy your specific needs.

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NFLPA Registered Financial Advisor

We develop financial game plans for pro athletes, coaches and agents. Joshua Kadish, AIF, RFC is an NFLPA Registered Player Financial Advisor with the NFL Players Association.

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The LifePrint™ Advantage

Our proprietary, education-based financial planning process that is nationally recognized. LifePrint™ Advantage will help you chart a course to work toward personal "TRUE WEALTH."

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Are you on the right course? Would you like a Second Opinion?

When seeing your physician, you expect to be examined before being prescribed medication. When considering your financial health, the same thought process should be followed. If it isn’t, the consequences can be harmful to your financial well-being. RPG-Life Transaction Specialists is an independent firm that provides successful individuals and corporations with a Second Opinion of their current financial and life course.

At RPG-Life Transition Specialists, we believe that the financial services model has been broken and has improperly focused on selling products to the masses to generate commissions and fees. We strive to do things differently by putting education first, spending our time in helping people identify what is truly important to them and helping them create the financial foundation to enjoy it.