Second-Opinion-smallNeed A Second Opinion?

Our Second Opinion Services are always available to ensure confidence that you are fiscally fit!
The Second Opinion serves as a way to simply check your “financial health” and help you diagnose any financial problems you may currently have or potentially face in the future. Utilizing our proprietary LifePrint™ process

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retirement smallEntering Retirement?

In retirement, every day is a Saturday. What are you going to do with your time? How much money can you spend? Are you taking too much risk? We are here to answer some of these questions and more!
Saving for retirement was the easy part! Determining which accounts to access first and managing tax liability

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Between-Jobs-SmallAre You Between Jobs?

We can help you figure out the minimum income requirement you need at your next job, so you can maintain your desired lifestyle and continue to save for your future. We’ll discuss how to handle your old retirement plan, replace insurance coverage (COBRA) and

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DivorceGoing Through A Divorce?

We work side by side with you and your attorney to make sure you understand the choices you will face when settling your divorce. There are a lot of decisions to be made during this very emotional time and we are here to make sure you are educated to make decisions with

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loss of loved one smallHave you Lost A Loved One?

The loss of a loved one can be an emotional time. There are many decisions to make within certain time frames to avoid fees and tax consequences. RPG will work side by side to educate you on all the options available and to best prepare you to make decisions with confidence.

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RPG – Life Transition Specialists™ is a wealth management firm that has been educating individuals going through a life transition for over 2 decades. We work with individuals that have lost a job, are entering retirement, going through a divorce, caring for or recently lost a loved one, or are just looking for a second opinion to make sure they are on the right path. We will educate you to:

  • Connect your wealth to your life purpose
  • Understand what you are currently doing vs. what you need to do
  • Determine your minimum income requirements and investment returns
  • Identify money falling through the cracks in taxes, excessive market risk, investment fees or lack of estate planning docs or insurance.
  • Create a lifetime income plan that may be more predictable and reliable regardless of market conditions

Call and speak to an RPG Life Transition Specialist™ about your unique situation at 847-559-0800 or toll-free at 800-596-0253 for a free consultation on our offerings!

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